Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Canning Problem Solved

If you are into home preserving at all, you should follow the Food In Jars blog, if you don't already.  She posts wonderful recipes, creative ideas, troubleshooting tips, and beginner's pointers.  It's a great resource.  My favorite thing of all that she posted was about these silicone trivets.  Apparently, she has pretty much the same canning setup as I do - we use a large stock pot with a round cake cooling rack dropped in it.  We've also both encountered the same problem of rusty, disintegrating round racks after a while.  So I was thrilled when she wrote about these silicone trivets she found that fit nicely in the bottom of a pan, don't rattle, don't rust, and pretty much will last forever.  I ordered one this week, and can't wait to try it out.  I love that they come in fun, bright colors, too - I may have to get another one or two, I really like that lime green.  I love finding cheap, long-term solutions to these little household problems.  Win!

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