Friday, December 9, 2011

Enough Of That

I'm tired of looking at gross pictures of tongue.  Here are some frosty chickens to change up the scenery.  It has been very clear and rather cold here lately, so we've been waking up to frosty mornings all week.  There's still plenty in the yard for the chickens to peck at and scratch in, so they've had the run of the back yard.  They'll do the good work of eating weeds, weed seeds, bugs, and bug larvae throughout the winter which will minimize the weed and pest problems I have in the spring and summer.  Their poop will also fertilize the soil, and their scratching will help to aerate it and keep it from compacting during our cold, rainy winter.  Allowing them to roam and munch in the yard also cuts down on the organic chicken feed they consume, saving me a bit of cash. 
Well, I changed up the picture, but the subject matter could still improve - I promise my next post will contain nothing about gross cuts of meat or chicken poop.

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